Private Equipment Storage Policy

a) Private boat storage is reserved in priority for athletes representing the Club at competitions and active employees.

b) Storage of the first boat is free for paying members. It is however possible to store additional boats at the current applicable rate*. Space is limited and the Club will base the priority according to the following criteria:

i. St.Albert and Sturgeon County resident members;
ii. Members participating to activities on an annual or seasonal basis;
iii. Members or former members recognized for their current or past involvement in the racing program or their volunteer commitments.

c) Anyone who wishes to store their boat or paddle must fill the Private equipment storage form. This form must be submitted online before June 30th of each year.

d) The storage period for the summer season runs from May 1st to October 31st of the current year. 

e) Any boat, paddle and other accessories must be identified with the owner’s name. The boat cover (with name) must be put back on the boat after each use or stored at the owner’s home.

f) If required, the Club reserves the right to move any boat within the Club

g) The St.Albert Canoe Kayak Club  has no obligation or liability in the event of any loss, theft or damages occurring while any private equipment is stored at the Club, at the Cardiff Pond

h) It is understood that private equipments are not covered by the St.Albert Canoe Club insurance policies. The members/owners are responsible to make the necessary arrangements with their own insurer.


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